Welcome to the Spirit of Herndon!


Wednesday, August 31st (before the first day of school!!)

HMS Band Room


Plan on dropping by some time between 4 and 6pm with at least one parent and your student musician.  We’ll be filling out / reviewing forms for the year. Concert & Symphonic Band students will be fitted for their uniforms that evening. Students who have practice instruments to take home will be able to do so that evening.



2016-17 Required Student Forms, Fees & Information


Symphonic & Concert Band  ($25)

Percussion Ensemble & Cadet Band  ($10)

(Tuba, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon)


Once all these forms are turned in, your child will receive a ticket to our ICE CREAM SOCIAL and get to pick out his or her BAND LOCKER!!

Wednesday, September 14th @ 7pm




Private lessons are not required, but are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. There are many private instructors in our area, and cost and length of lessons vary. Private lessons are an excellent opportunity for student musicians to improve their skills and make the most possible musical progress. Interaction between a young musician and a skilled teacher provides a wealth of motivation and knowledge that can only be achieved through private instruction. Private lessons work well with all levels of students:

--Advanced musicians: advanced techniques and extra challenges are possible

--Average level: focus on the musical needs and progressive skills of the student

--Basic level: extra help or “catch up” with progress of band class or grade level