Band Classes

Herndon Middle School offers a number of instrumental ensembles for students of all abilities and skills.


Cadet Band
Cadet Band is an beginner/intermediate level ensemble comprised primarily of students in the 7th grade. These students usually have one or two years of playing experience. This band performs concert lliterature at the VBODA grade 1 and 2 levels. This class is designed to promote the continued development of music fundamentals and to balance instrumentation. Performances will occur twice during the year at Herndon MS.


Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is an intermediate level ensemble for any percussionist with previous elementary school experience.  The ensemble works on technique for snare drum, mallets, auxilary percussion, and timpani.  Members of the group will perform at two or three concerts a year and may be asked to join other ensembles when neeeded.


Concert Band
Concert Band is an advanced level ensemble comprised of students in the 7th and 8th grades. Students in this class generally have developed technique well beyond the average elementary student by the beginning of the year. This band performs concert literature at the VBODA grade 2 and 3 levels. This is a full band and is the second major performing group here at HMS. Students in this group are required to attend after-school rehearsals several times per year. Concert Band performs at all HMS concerts, at state assessment, and on the spring trip.


Symphonic Band
The Symphonic Band is the premiere performance ensemble in the Herndon Middle band program. This class is almost exclusively made up of eighth grade students, but five to ten seventh grade students are usually selected for this ensemble. Students will be expected to be able to play very advanced music (VBODA grade 3 and 4 levels) and perform frequently throughout the year. Students in this group are required to attend after-school rehearsals several times per year. Symphonic Band performs at all HMS concerts, at state assessment, the Pyramid Concert, and on the spring trip.


Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble is for advanced musicians looking to explore the jazz style and beginning improvisation.  Rehearsals will be during advisory period and after school.


Upcoming Events

Monday, August 22nd

First Day of School


Wednesday, September 7th

Band Parent Association Meeting

7:00 PM -Zoom link to be provided


Tuesday, September 20th

Ice Cream Social

After School 2:45 - 3:45


Saturday, September 24th

Herndon High School Showcase of Bands - Volunteers Needed


Saturday, October 8th

Middle School Band Day @ 

Herndon HS Homecoming

11:30 - 3:30 



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