MAterials and supplies

The following is a list of instrument accessories and supplies.  Students are responsible for providing these items, as well as their instruments.


* = Required Materials during class



  • Black Three-Ring Binder (1")*
  • 5 dividers- Labeled as: 1. Questions 2. Warm Ups 3. Rhythms 4. Music 5. Listening *
  • Method Book (Provided)*
  • Penicl Bag (w/4 pencils)*
  • Tuner/Metronome (Apps on Phone- for at home practice)



Cleaning rod and cloth *


Oboe / Bassoon

Cleaning rod, swab (silk works best for the oboe) *

3 good reeds at all times *

Cork grease *

Reed case 

Water container


Clarinet / Bass Clarinet / Contra Clarinet

4 good reeds at all times!  Recommended: Mitchell Lurie or Van Doren strength 

3 or 3-1/2 *

Reed guard to hold 4 reeds

Cleaning swab (handkerchief style - Buffet makes a good one) *

Cork grease *

Advanced Bb clarinet players should use a good quality mouthpiece and ligature.

Recommended:  Pyne Polycrystal or Van Doren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece with either a Bonade inverted Ligature or a Rovner “regular” ligature



4 good reads at all times!  Recommended: La Voz strength medium, Van Doren strength 3 or 3-1/2 *

Reed guard to hold 4 reeds

Dependable neck strap *

Cork grease *

Cloth cleaning swab (for the body of the sax) *

Advanced saxophone players should use a good quality mouthpiece and ligature.

Recommended:  Selmer S90 C* mouthpiece and a Rovner “regular” ligature

All Brass Instruments

Valve oil (Rotary oil for French Horn and Slide oil for Trombone) *

Trombone- Small Spray Bottle

Tuning slide grease *

Towel to absorb water from water key *


Advanced Brass members should use a good quality mouthpiece. Recommended:

    Trumpet/Cornet:              Bach 5C

    French Horn:                   Holton Farkas MDC

    Trombone/Baritone:        Bach 6-1/2 AL

    Tuba:                               Conn Helleberg

Advanced trumpet players should also purchase an Alessi-Vacchiano straight mute.



Percussion Kit *, which includes a drum pad, adjustable stand, 2-1/2 octave set of bells, 2B drum sticks, bell mallets


All Other Percussionists:

At least two pair of Vic Firth SD-1 snare drum sticks (it is HIGHLY recommended that students have one or two extra pairs of snare drum sticks).  Stick tips must be free of chips and defects that will cause damage to the snare heads. Small bell set to practice on at home.


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